About us


RBGtees was created for 2 main reasons:

1) I'm a firm believer that if you need something that doesn't exist, create it yourself! I never cared for cliche slogans and images across cheap garments that are designed to speak to other people. You'll never see "It's a Black Thang" or a recycled image of Malcolm X with no context. RBGtees will always speak to like-minded people and those on the verge of evolution (and an occasional message to the white supremacists to let them know we see them!) 

2) Similar to the HBCU sweatshirts of the 90's that influenced the youth to want to attend black universities - RBGtees hopes to invoke the same sense of pride, knowledge of self, the system of white supremacy and the empowerment to unify and restore our great people. 


RBGtees strives to be the go-to for showing your pride in a comfortable, fashionable way that is affordable. The goal is to build a brand and not just make a quick buck on the trends then fade into obscurity. We'll always ensure a level of quality, comfort and style not found in many niche brands and definitely not in one-off designs. 



I strongly believe that ownership is a main component in the ultimate goal of our people. By creating and owning a brand, I hope to show my generation and the next that it is possible to follow your dreams, recycle the black dollar and